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Swiss Army Women Watch

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Victorinox Swiss Army Women's "Alliance" Bracelet Watch
A sophisticated style, perfect for every day. Stainless steel bracelet and case. Mother-of-pearl dial with logo at 12 o'clock, date window at 6 o'clock and sparkling diamond accent indexes. Three hands. Anti-reflecting sapphire crystal. Low battery indicator. Swiss made. Analog quartz movement. Water resistant to 100 meters. Three-y


Victorinox Swiss Army Women's "Alliance" Bracelet Watch:

A sophisticated style, perfect for every day. Stainless steel bracelet and case. Mother-of-pearl dial with logo at 12 o'clock, date window at 6 o'clock and sparkling diamond accent indexes. Three hands. Anti-reflecting sapphire crystal. Low battery indicator. Swiss made. Analog quartz movement. Water resistant to 100 meters. Three-year limited warranty.

As both fashionable and practical, ladies Swiss army watches make excellent gift ideas and wise personal purchases that remain in working order and in style for many, many years to come. What sets certain time pieces apart from others in today's market, and why would women want a piece of jewelry with an armed service as its name? Clocks were originally created for function. Even the pocket watch was initially invented to benefit the owner practically with his daily workload and responsibilities. When did these clocks used for their utility make the transition to jewel encrusted wrist watches anyway? Aren't all time pieces created equal? If not, how is a shopper to differentiate between all the choices at the jeweler's and still choose reliable discount Swiss army watches? These are questions that beg to be answered before an individual ever pulls out the check book or credit card when making their watch purchase. A quality time piece can be a treasure to its owner and a legacy that one generation can bestow upon the next. A poorly made watch, on the other hand, can disappoint the purchaser and waste the money and time they spent on choosing and procuring the time piece. Telling accurate time was even important thousands of years before the first watch was made. "And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace." (Matthew 20:3) Taking sufficient time to answer these questions will allow a shopper to purchase a discount Swiss army watch without needless regrets and debts.


As early at the 1500s, clock makers were recognizing the need for "portable clocks." The pocket watch was the first attempt to address this need. It was wonderfully portable, but unfortunately kept poor time. It needed to be wound twice a day and only had an hour hand. Due to the weights in the time keeping mechanisms, the first pocket time pieces were too heavy to be practical. After a few years of research and development, the mainspring was designed. It allowed the pocket time keepers to slim down to a more portable weight. As the years went on, both the design and the function of the portable time piece were improved and enhanced. By the 1600s, clock makers started to create pocket time keepers in the shape of animals and Christian symbols. This did nothing for the time keeping capabilities, but it did begin to move portable time pieces into the realm of jewelry, leading eventually to the creation of ladies Swiss army watches. Through the 1700s and early 1800s, improvements were being made in the function of the time pieces. Rubies were used to keep more accurate time and the self-winding mechanism was introduced to free the wearer from the burden of remembering to constantly wind the clock or risk being late for appointments. All of these considerations led up to the creation of ladies Swiss army watches. The improvements continued through the following decades, making the watches less sensitive to temperature and pressure, allowing them to change automatically when entering a new time zone and creating an enamel face for greater visibility. No doubt, the craft of watch making will continue to evolve and change to improve the lives of the wearers and provide affordable time pieces like discount Swiss army watches.


Building upon the many advances taking place in the world at the time, Karl Elsener began crafting knives in the early 1900s. His quality knives soon attracted the government officials' attention, and he was called upon to provide knives for the armed services in Switzerland. Originally called an "Officer's Knife," this time piece found its way to the PXs of United States military bases. Karl Elsener placed a cross and shield "logo" on each knife to differentiate them from the fraudulent, poorer made knives flooding the market. It is this same logo still used to discern a discount Swiss army watch from an original. After the passing of his mother Victoria, Karl named his company Victorinox (after "inox," another name for stainless steel, and in tribute to his mother). Maintaining his high level of craftsmanship, Elsener branched out to create luggage and watches all bearing the cross and shield insignia. Thus, the ladies Swiss army watch was born. In the years that followed, many quality time piece companies mirrored the Victorinox design and construction to produce discount Swiss army watches that were affordable to a greater number of people.Born of necessity, the Victorinox time pieces needed to be sturdy enough to withstand the difficulties of armed service. When designing time pieces for civilian shoppers, the Victorinox Company still utilizes sturdy construction, but couples it with a sleek, modern design. The result is a ladies Swiss army watch that can withstand the demands of a modern woman, but is still stylish enough to catch the eye of those around her. Victorinox watches for women come in a variety of designs. These designs include: infantry, alliance, peak and officer. The names may sound masculine, but ladies Swiss army watches are uniquely designed to complement the femininity of the wearer.


Victorinox authorized dealers are the only companies permitted to distribute Swiss army watches, so discount Swiss army watches are, at times, not a Victorinox at all. With the advent of stainless steel and crystals, many reputable time piece manufacturers have created quality time pieces according to the Victorinox model. Though, the most ideal scenario when purchasing a ladies Swiss army watch is to purchase directly from Victorinox. The authenticity can be discerned from the cross and shield insignia on each and every Victorinox time piece. However, if the cost of an authentic Victorinox watch prohibits the purchase entirely, the shopper must be cautious when looking at discount Swiss army watches. Obviously, there is not the guarantee of quality craftsmanship, as there is from buying direct. Whenever finances allow, it is always advisable to purchase authentic merchandise to lessen the possibility of fraud and regret.

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